Crowd Funding Campaign

This is how it works...

1: You Support Us.

2: We Build It.

3: You receive Seismocon.

4: You save $400

The concept of crowd funding is simple and ingenious. Your contribution enables us to build Seismocon, and in return you receive the most sophisticated earthquake protection system ever developed. After 6 years of R&D we are now ready produce it, with your help.

“Contribute to solutions that help people”
Image by Giorgio Trovato


This is what the funds will be used for.


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National Geographic reports that California experiences an earthquake every three minutes. We don't want to upset anyone, but the truth and fact is that earthquakes happen all the time. California is long overdue for a larger strike. Be your own chess player and think a few steps ahead. Seismocon is a necessary tool, customized for your house, guiding you when making lifesaving decisions for your family.

Your Seismocon pledge will not only help you, it will help millions of people whose homes, like yours, are exposed to earthquakes.

"Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do!"


United States Geological Survey [USGS]