Can I go back inside my house after an earthquake?

That is the question I asked myself after the violent M6.1 Napa earthquake in 2014. I wish Seismocon  had been available at the time, but this technology didn't yet exist. The idea of Seismocon was born that dark Sunday morning in August, when my family found itself in dust and rubble.

Today, after years of R&D with experts from three Continents, I am so proud to say: "We did it!"

Seismocon is the invaluable tool to provide real-time data and give an exact analysis if your home is safe or not. 

Mike Sjoblom

CEO, Founder & Inventor

We have developed Seismocon. Now it is time to produce it! 


Join our crowdfunding, and receive this state-of-the-art technology for your house.

"Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do!"


United States Geological Survey [USGS]