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A post-earthquake alarm system

Seismocon, explained in a few words:

Seismocon knows the exact footprint of your house by measuring and monitoring data from 8 sensors 24/7. Using AI and a proprietary patented assessment algorithm, the system detects any anomality's on day-to-day basis, or after the house has been shaken by mother earth (Earthquake or Wind events). If your home turn into a dangerous place due to structural changes you will immediately receive a warning via TEXT and Email.

This is how it works:

1: Seismocon Monitoring Unit
A sophisticated monitoring unit that you place on a wall inside your home. 

2: Before the earthquake; "Default Values"

Seismocon identifies structural data of your house. Each house vibrates, moves and sounds differently. The system defines the unique "normal" data of your house, also defined as the "Default Values".

Product pic 1b.png


3: During the earthquake; "Incident Values"
When the earthquake shakes your house, Seismocon records the stress of the structural integrity. Millions of  data is acquired from your house DURING the earthquake, also defined as the "Incident Values".

FB image2.png

4: After the earthquake; "Updated Default Values"
Immediately AFTER the earthquake, the system automatically identifies the new Default Values of your house. 


5: Results; Check and Compare

The system analyze and compare default values and incident values:

[during the event]

Item 3 above.

[before and after the event]

Item 2 and item 4 above.

[outside data]

Governmental and private sources


6: Results are delivered:

Using artificial intelligence in connection with the Seismocon proprietary algorithms, the system calculates the data and within minutes after the incident you receive an EXACT risk analysis of your house via TEXT and email.

You will know what happened to the house after the shaking incident. You will have a report in your hand, immediately after the earthquake so you can take decisions based of scientific and professional facts. Seismocon is an invaluable tool to safeguard your loved ones. We call it a "digital life-jacket". 

Seismocon Example.png
Seismocon Example.png
FB image2.png
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