Earthquake Protection, Customized for 
Your Home

How It Works

When an earthquake strikes, the integrity of your home is definitely compromised. The question is, how much? Has the walls shifted, are there any gas leaks or fires that can cause be dangerous in the after-math of a seismic incident?


 With 8 sophisticated sensors in the Seismocon monitoring unit, and its patented algorithms, you can take life-saving decisions about yourself and your family. We can't stop on-coming earthquakes, but we can help people from getting injured or killed.

"Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do!"
United States Geological Survey [USGS]


Light Detection & Ranging. Measures your house in detail.


Passive Infrared Motion. It detects if people are inside.


Multiple gases are "sniffed" in case of leaks.

The angles and position of your house are identified and monitored.


It listens and detects break-sounds inside the walls.


Dangers identified with low and high temperatures.


G-forces are measured, vibrations are monitored.


Within minutes, you will know the condition of your house.

Instant Notifications to Your Phone 

If your house is compromised, the system automatically assess and calculate risk factors that is shared with you minutes after the house is struck.


These alerts can be set up for your home, your parent's home, your children's school, or local community buildings. 

Alerts are also shared with the first responder units to assist with faster emergency relief efforts. Help yourself, your family, and  Emergency authorities for immediate life-saving support.

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You Contribute ... We Build It.


The contribution [pledges] in this crowd funding enables us to build Seismocon, and in return you are one of the first ones to receive the most sophisticated earthquake safety system ever developed. After 6 years of R&D we are now ready produce it, with your help.

How Can I Get One For My Home?

Our R&D phase is now done. Next phase is to build and test the units prior to mass-production. We prefer to give you a "deal" as Thank You, in return that you pledge your funds that help us finalize the work we started 6 years ago.


The motivation that has kept us going ever since 2015, and the reward for making this unique, one-of-a-kind warning system will be when our system save the first life. 

Join our quest and be part of something bigger.

The Technology


Seismocon has been developed over the course of 7 years with scientists and technology experts all across the globe. The Seismocon system is unique and is built using the latest cutting edge technologies and platforms. 

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Tri-axle Accelerometer

PIR sensor

Acoustic sensor

Gas Sensors

Smoke Sensor

Temperature Sensor






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Team members and partners from three continents has been engaged developing the Seismcon System. This is a private initiative that will benefit billions of people around the world. 

Mother Earth will never top delivering catastrophic earthquakes


We can counter by protecting people with technology around the globe. 

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