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You Live In An Earthquake Zone.


You Contribute - We Build It

How Does It Work?

Can you go back into your house after an earthquake? Will the house still be intact? Earthquakes never come alone. It is followed by multiple shocks. Will the house withstand multiple shakes?

The structural integrity of your home has undoubtedly been compromised. How much has it been damaged? Have the walls shifted, have beams cracked, are there any gas leaks or fires that can be dangerous in the aftermath of a seismic incident?

The Seismocon system and its patented algorithm will help you to make life-saving decisions for yourself and your family.

We can't stop oncoming earthquakes, but we can help people from getting injured or killed in the aftermath of one.

"Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do!"
United States Geological Survey [USGS]


Light Detection & Ranging. Measures your house in detail.


Passive Infrared Motion. It detects if people are inside.


Multiple gases are "sniffed" in case of leaks.


The angles and position of your house are identified and monitored.


It listens and detects break-sounds inside the walls.


Dangers identified with low and high temperatures.


G-forces are measured, vibrations are monitored.


Within minutes, you will know the condition of your house.

Seismocon consists of 8 sophisticated sensors that monitor your house, day and night. An AI algorithm identifies the exact structural footprint of your building. When a violent movement of an earthquake happens, the Seismocon system knows exactly what happened to your house.

Instant Notifications to Your Phone 

The Seismocon system automatically calculates risk factors for your home and shares them with you immediately after an earthquake.

The details of the risk analysis, together with recommendations and instructions, are available on the Seismocon app.


Seismocon uses the same emergency frequency as first responders in disaster zones. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you have the latest protection at hand when the next earthquake strikes.

Mobile Hand.png

Protect yourself and your family. We all know that

large incidents are constantly waiting to happen.

All you can do is to make sure you have the right electronic tools when it happens.

An Earthquake Protection System

Customized To Your Home

Structures to
Protect People"

I Want One,
             I Need One

Our research & development phase is now complete. The next phase is to build and test the units prior to mass-production. We want to provide early access and the best possible pricing for those who are willing to join us on this quest. We will use your pledge to help us finalize the work we started 8 years ago.

"The motivation that has kept us going ever since 2015, and the

reward for making this unique one-of-a-kind warning system,

will all come to fruition when our system saves the first life. 

Join our quest and be part of something bigger."

Mike Sjoblom, CEO and Founder

The Technology

Seismocon has been developed over the course of 7 years with scientists and technology experts all across the globe. The Seismocon system is unique and is built using the latest cutting edge technologies and platforms. The unit contains sensors, a power source, onboard computing, and a complete set of communication technologies. In addition, one of the world's most renowned industrial designers contributed with his design of the unit.

Seismocon cutout.png


Tri-axle Accelerometer

PIR sensor

Acoustic sensor

Gas Sensors

Smoke Sensor

Temperature Sensor






The Earthquake Report

In collaboration with USGS and GEM, Seismocon has constructed the most in-depth structural risk assessment analysis currently in existence. This analysis, together with data from the Seismocon monitoring unit, allows us to generate an Earthquake Report, a document that helps you understand how your home might be at risk in the event of a natural disaster.

EQ Report Cover.png
Mike Headshot Updated.png


Team members and partners from three continents have been engaged in developing the Seismocon System for the past 7 years. This project has been exclusively driven by passion and the motivation that this initiative will benefit billions of people around the world. 

Mother Earth will never stop delivering catastrophic earthquakes.


We can counter these forces by protecting people around the globe with technology that can make a difference. 

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Our Partners


Where Will The Next Earthquake Strike?

The truth is, no one knows!

Seismocon is as important as the seatbelt in your car. You know that accidents happen, and you need to be prepared for when they do. 

Earthquakes are happening RIGHT NOW.

Look at this interactive map and see where the nearest earthquake strikes in real time.

You are at higher risk of earthquake exposure

if you live in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Mississippi Valley.

Help Yourself - Help Us! .

Our 8 Year Journey... And Now You Can Join Us

Timeline V3.png


Button 1.png

August 2014

The idea of Seismocon was born out of the rubbles of the 2014 Napa Earthquake, which damaged over 400 buildings and injured countless of people.

Button 2.png

August 2015

Seismocon Systems was established as an official company in California.

Button 3.png

April 2016

Formed an advisory team of scientists & technology experts from around the world, all who agreed to work pro-bono out of a passion for saving lives.

Button 4.png

May 2017

The first algorithms were created and tested. The platform framework was established.

Button 5.png

January 2018

The US team travelled to Japan. The teams exchanged ideas, advice, and experiences.

Button 6.png

August 2019

The technology team was established. Initiation of the hardware design began.

Button 7.png

March 2020

COVID-19 ground work to a stop. Development was paused until 2021.

Button 8.png

June 2021

The design for the Seismocon unit was completed. Work on the Crowdfunding campaign begins.

Button 9.png

June 2022

The crowdfunding campaign begins.

September 2022

Test installation and full system calibration of the system prior to mass production .

March 2023

Mass production of units.


July 2023

Shipping of units begin to you!

Seismocon with Family v3.png

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Your pledge will save lives. Join the quest to protect billions of people around the world from harm after a catastrophic shaking event. 

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