The Company

Seismocon Systems, Inc. is a Delaware corporation.  The headoffice is located in Napa, California. 


Mike Sjoblom, the founder of Seismocon Systems, Inc. leads a team of world-class professionals in science and engineering.   


Is your home or work safe after a natural disaster? Seismocon System analyzes data gathered during a disaster in order to save lives, prioritize disaster relief, and accelerate recovery efforts.  By combining sensor data across multiple fields of science & analyzing it with an AI algorithm, we can determine (within 60 sec) whether a structure is safe after an incident


The Seismocon system is a monitoring system for any type of structure or object that is exposed to natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes. 


The vision is to have buildings and structures equipped with the Seismocon system to protect millions of people living in seismic high-risk areas around the world.


Mike Sjoblom





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Seismocon Systems, Inc.


P.O. Box 3496,           Contact:  Mike Sjoblom

Napa, CA  94558       Email:

USA                             Phone:    +1 707-363-6035