Simple Explanation of the Seismocon System Features

The system...

1: ... knows the measurements of your house before anything happens.

2: ..."feels", "listens" and "measures" what your house is going through.

3: ... checks and compares the house to identify anomalies, if any.

4: ... analyzes risk levels and delivers the results to you via TEXT and EMAIL


- uses AI to learn and understand the individual footprint of your home.

- provides you with vital information if your structure is safe or not.

- identifies changes to the structural integrity after an event.

Seismocon is the most powerful tool in the world to quickly identify and deliver risk assessments of structures after natural disasters.


It gives you the necessary "eyes and ears" to make decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Seismocon is often described as a combination of a digital life jacket, a safety net, a helmet, and a lifeline. It can also be compared with using the safety belt you use in your car. You know it saves lives in case something happens.