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The following parameters are highlighted when evaluating an investment in Seismocon Systems, Inc.:


The Product:

The Seismocon System is an easily installed vibration and movement sensor that can be used with any object that is subject to any type of natural disasters such as earthquakes. This is an advanced, automated system that immediately determines if a house, bridge, or tunnel is safe to use after a natural disaster. Using today’s high-end technology, costs can be kept at a reasonable level in mass production, while maintaining the sophistication of the technology.


The Market:

Any geographic location exposed to natural disasters is a market for Seismocon. Initially, it will be available to the West coasts of the United States and South America, as well as Japan and the Indonesian region. Earthquake zones are in need of an intelligent monitoring system that is accessible to people at a reasonable cost. A first milestone in the Seismocon marketing plan is to install the system in 100,000 buildings.



The following structures are targeted for monitoring to ensure public safety:


1: Government buildings such as schools, libraries, airports, harbors, tunnels, and bridges.

2: Commercial buildings such as factories, offices and retail locations. 

3: Residential buildings from single family homes to large apartment complexes.


Business Model:

The Seismocon system will be available to customers on a subscription basis at $50 - $100 per month depending on service level.



There is no sophisticated moniitoring system available at the $100 level. The systems found on the market today target large structures and range between $25,000 and $500,000 per object. One of the more advanced earthquake monitoring systems currently on the market is offered by Digitexx Systems, Inc.


The Technology Development:

Instead of reinventing the wheel, the company has partnered up with Digitexx Data Systems, Inc. This partnership has resulted in access to one of the most advanced monitoring systems in world. In a joint effor, the companies are developing a word-wide network of monitoring units, using decades of science and experience with the next generation technology. Seismocon will customize industrial grade sensor equipment that is currently protecting nuclear power plants, sky scrapers, etc. This new version will be equally technologically advanced.



Any type of technical development is connected with risk until the technology is proven to work. We believe that using the already proven Digitexx system will substantially reduce risk factors in comparison with developing a new product. We also believe that approaching an up-tapped world market at the $100 price level, without any major competitors, would increase the chances of success in sales and marketing.


It is important to note that any investor should carefully evaluate the risk factors before taking any investment decisions. Using internet and other means of research is recommended to assure that the risk involved in the Seismocon investment is acceptable for each individual investor.


Investment Package:

If you are interested in investing in Seismocon Systems, Inc., please contact us for a complete investment package. In accordance with regulations, we require investors to comply with the terms of "Accredited Investor". To protect the company and its current shareholders, we require a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please print, sign, and return the two PDF documents below.  


Accredited Investor







Non-Disclosure Agreement








It is important to note that this is not an offering to buy shares in the company, unless you have been screened by us beforehand, and you fulfill the requirements. 

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