Mother Earth produced 12,895 earthquakes during 2019

Seismocon saves lives

You can't stop Mother Earth,
but you can plan for the event
that is about to happen.
49,700 death per year.
Average globally 2000-2015
Source: USGS
Movement of tectonic plates; Earth
Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
"Earthquakes don't kill people,
buildings do"
Source: USGS
Source: USGS
If you live and work along a fault line of a tectonic plate, you are constantly exposed to seismic risk. 
Your house is one of the most dangerous places after an earthquake. Seismocon will be your digital lifejacket, helping guide you and your family after it happened.
Early warning systems are good, but it will not help if the earthquake happens under your feet, right now.
We don't monitor earthquakes, we safeguard your house, your workplace, your children's school, etc. 
Millions of people are exposed to danger after an earthquake. 
Seismocon will make a difference when you make decisions for yourself and your family. 
That difference starts today with your pledge.
Source: USGS

Low stress rate

High stress rate

Our Mission:
Monitoring structures to protect people.
Your Mission:
Protect yourself and your loved ones.