Thank you


for participating in our crowd funding campaign. This product is important to build, as it will save many lives around the world. However, let us not talk about the world, let us instead talk about your neighborhood, and your own home. Natural disasters are occurring with greater frequency. In addition, different disasters, such as earthquakes, pandemics, hurricanes and floods may occur simultaneously. With these imminent risk factors, we have worked diligently to make sure Seismocon is available already in 2021.

Use of funds 


Your pledge will help finalize the Seismocon System. Prior to mass-production, we will test and certify the system to assure its reliability and stability.

Save lives


Seismocon will help make decisions for you and your family. Useful instructions, based on real data on your house, will give you guidance in situations when most needed. Seismocon, with its sophisticated sensors and artificial intelligence, is the ultimate digital lifejacket for people living in geographic zones prone to natural disasters. A quote from USGS tells us: "Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do!"