“Contribute to solutions that help people”

The following parameters are highlighted when pledging your contribution to us:


The Product

The monitoring units are installed by the user (DIY) at any structural object exposed to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, mud-slides, flood or explosions. Seismocon is an intelligent, automated system that immediately determines if e.g. a building, bridge, or tunnel is safe to use after the structure has been shaken, moved or rattled by an outside force. 


Where can Seismocon be used?

At any structure, at any geographic location exposed to natural disasters. Initially, it will be available in the Americas, Japan and South-East Asia. We realized after the 2014 Napa Earthquake that there is great need of an intelligent monitoring system, accessible to people at a reasonable cost. The Seismocon System will protect billions of people, especially around the "ring of fire".


You, as a contributor

Your pledge of funds will help finalize development and building of the system. Choosing pledge 1 will give you the full version of the system as soon as it is ready to ship. 

The Technology Development

The final development is scheduled for completion in 2020, and mass-production for 2021.


A Few Things To Consider

To optimize the success of the development, we have chosen to use existing cutting-edge components and sensor technology already available on the market. Any type of technical development has unknown factors until proven to work. The Seismocon system is unique, and under patent protection. The proprietary algorithms are embedded in the analysis processes, at both the structure we are monitoring as well as our data center. Our time line may or may not be reached, depending on the success of testing and funding activities. This is the nature of crowd funding. For more detailed information, please read the terms and conditions.